Compo Brush
♦♦♦ コンポブラシ ♦♦♦


Our detachable and disposable all natural fiber application brushes, available in fine and superfine thicknesses, allow for ultra-smooth material application and are ideal for Dental Technicians applying composit resins, bonding agents, and much more.

Each Compo-brush kit, comes with one (1) ultra-light, custom turned, autoclavable aluminum applicator handle, twenty (20) fine brush tips and twenty (20) superfine brush tips (40 tips in total). All components made and assembled in Japan to the highest quality standards. Additional tips and applicators sold seprately. Available Worldwide.

コンポブラシ セット:アルミ製ホルダー1本/ブラシチップ各20本 希望小売価格¥6,300
コンポブラシ 補充用チップブラシ 白: 30本 希望小売価格¥4,300
コンポブラシ 補充用チップブラシ 黒:30本 希望小売価格¥4,300
コンポブラシ ホルダー:1本 希望小売価格¥2,000